About Us

Story Behind Building Custom Homes & Offices

Posh Builder is a custom home construction company. With a collaborative output delivered by our team of professionals, we’re making progress with our end-to-end custom-build solutions.

About the Founder

Posh Builder was founded by Matt (Majid) Saneinejad, who has been building new homes for over 10 years ago. Matt is extremely passionate about building homes starting from a piece of land. His unique and extreme attention to details sets Posh Builder apart from other builders. His vast knowledge and precise expertise help his clients find valuable solutions, which are not only cost-efficient but also time-efficient.

Posh Builder

About the Company

We operate in South Bay Area, San Jose, Saratoga, Los Altos and all surrounding cities. Our dedicated team of designers, engineers, architects, and builders work relentlessly to provide exactly what you need. We take your idea to design, draft, engineering, and building permit in as short as 9 months at very competitive pricing, and after that, build you a new home in record time and with the highest quality. Explore Our Portfolio